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Our HPV Series range uniquely combines heat recovery ventilation with heat pump technology to harness far more energy from the outgoing air.
The integrated heat pump functions like a refrigerator but in reverse. Whilst a fridge extracts heat from food, our micro heat pump extracts heating energy from warm exhaust air to heat incoming fresh air. if the air needs cooling the coolant circuit is reversed. The beauty of the HPV Series is that it doesn't just have one zone of heating, it can have three, so that bedrooms for instance can be a different temperature to downstairs.

The micro heat pump only consumes a few hundred watts of electricity but significantly enhances the heat recovered.  For instance, if you put 300w into the heat pump ventilation unit, then you could expect to get as much as 1.5kW of heat energy out. Together with the heat recovery side of the system and dependent on temperatures, C.O.P's (co-efficient of performance, as in how much energy in to how much energy out) of up to 12 can be achieved... and industry first!

If a room-by-room heat loss calculation indicates some colder supply rooms than others, you can further heat these room with HPV PTC heated ceiling terminals. This ensures precise heat where and when you need it. The lag period associated with underfloor heating is not experienced as the system reacts instantly to the temperature set for the room. This ensures maximium energy efficiency all day every day.

The HPW 300 provides your domestic hot water for your house. It again has heat pump technology to provide you with hot water energy efficiently in a 300L cylinder. It can even be connected to up to 20sqm of 
underfloor heating in your en-suite or family bathroom.

In a well insulated home, the HPV Series can be your primary heating system. Couple this with electric towel rails or underfloor heating mats in the bathrooms (if you need over 20sqm) and a simple, efficient, low maintenance heating solution is provided.

This is a proven and reliable renewable technology that uses the constant availability of the energy in the air. But efficiency is nothing without control...the controller provides details of:

Genvex Bullet Point fan speed
Genvex Bullet Point info panel
Genvex Bullet Point data storage & remote access via app
Genvex Bullet Point 24/7 timer
Genvex Bullet Point temperature control with individual room controls*
Genvex Bullet Point three zone space heat or cooling** 

The system is easy to install, because the heat pump is integral, so there's no refrigerant line to install and no planning permission to obtain.
The HPV Series adds distinction to your home, helps save capital costs on heating and offers you more with low running costs and comfort cooling.

What's more, it has pollen filters as standard on the supply air, great for Asthma and allergy sufferers.

*where fitted with an HPV PTC terminal in supply rooms
** two zones
    Premium Appliance showing temperatures
The range includes:
Min   /   Max
HPV Series 1 (spec sheet)

3.55kW @220m3/hr

130    /   380


 HPV Series 2 (spec sheet)

4.7kW @320m3/hr

170    /   380


 HPV Series 3 (spec sheet)


200    /   580


Optima 250 Design ControllerAn attractive, easy to use and comprehensive Optima 300 Design Controller is included with the appliance for ultimate controllability of your system.
Some of the benefits of this superior controller include:

Genvex Bullet Point fan speed control
Genvex Bullet Point 24/7 timer
Genvex Bullet Point room temperature setting
Genvex Bullet Point past analytical data card
Genvex Bullet Point filter maintenance alert
Genvex Bullet Point intake/extract/supply/exhaust air temperature operating information
Genvex Bullet Point boost control